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As a member you will have the chance to combine business with pleasure. Talk with like-minded people in the community, discuss business plans and work together with each other. We believe that the best relationships are built while having fun with each other and that’s why we are facilitating the most luxurious and exciting services with our huge partners like chartering a yacht, renting a supercar, going to exclusive restaurants and much more.


Network opportunities

The huge business opportunities that we talked about will occur during our many amazing online and offline events where you will have the chance to network with many other like-minded individuals.


Real-life events

Attend our real-life events, get inspired by great speakers, network with other members and end the night with a drink and tell good stories. Or go to one of our Scorpion Yacht events, a small event with a few people and talk about business while exploring the beautiful coasts.

Online community

To become a high-value individual it is important that you surround you one a daily basis with people who have the same ambitions. In our community you can discuss business plans with each other, talk about mindset and health, share your daily wins and be an inspiring person to others.



Charter discount

You can charter one of our Scorpion Yachts, which are located in Miami, New York, Ibiza, Saint-Tropez, and Amsterdam, at a reduced rate if you are a gold or platinum member.


High-end services

We are establishing a large set of relevant partners for our members in order to provide them with high-quality services. As a SYC member, you will be able to use these services at a reduced rate or receive preferential treatment. If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact us at


Worldwide services

The SYC team and our partners will do everything they can to assist our members in the best possible way. You can, for example, charter a jet, get assistance in booking a villa at a specific location, we can find you exclusive asset investments, and much more.

Local services

So you used our worldwide services and arrived at the location safely, but that's just the beginning. Want to go to the club tonight? Our team will assist you in booking a table. Need a good suite and some nice cigars? Visit our local partners to receive a discount or preferential treatment.



Virtual events

Have a great business plan for a start-up and are you looking for funding and/or for the right people to work with? Present your plan during one of our virtual Scorpion Million events where maybe one of our platinum members will invest in your plan.



We will work together with great and creative artists to design future NFTs for our project. These will only be available to our members. We also aim to collaborate with other outstanding NFT projects that provide a lot of value to their members. We’ll only work together on projects when we believe that they are interesting enough for our members.


SYC NFT Airdrops

Gold and platinum members have a guaranteed spot on the whitelist for any upcoming NFT airdrops. The remaining whitelist will be given away between the silver members.

NFT Collaborations

Our platinum members will get a guaranteed whitelist spot for an NFT project we collaborate with. The remaining whitelist spot that we receive will be given away between our gold and silver members.

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