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Invest in the world's first NFT fractionalized yachts

This is your chance to become a fractional owner of our real-life Scorpion Yachts that we have fractionalized into NFTs. We offer a great investment opportunity in the form of NFT-ownership for the Scorpion 40-ft or 46-ft with a 7% annual interest!

How NFT-ownerships works:

1. Apply through this form to become a fractional owner of one of our NFT fractionalized Scorpion Yachts. We'll contact you, provide additional information, and offer you NFT-ownership.

 2. Once you become an NFT-owner, we will register your NFT-ownership number, which is similar to the unique number on the NFT as listed at the notary in Amsterdam, Holland.


3. To earn the 7% interest, you have to stake your NFT-ownership for 12 months.


4. At the end of the staking period, we will send the earned annual interest to your wallet. You then have the option to sell your NFT-ownership or stake it again.

 5. When you sell your NFT-ownership on the secondary market, we will verify and register the new NFT holder at the notary in Amsterdam, Holland.


Why choose NFT-ownership?


Your NFT- ownership is tradeable on the secondary market.


We only offer 50% of the NFT-ownerships per Scorpion Yacht, so it’s very scarce.


With NFTs, we use the new and safe blockchain technology.


Get a 10% discount on our Scorpion Yacht membership, so you can enjoy all the benefits of our yachts without the hassle.


Get 50% off your first Scorpion Yacht Club membership year and live it up in the world’s first hybrid Web3 community.

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