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$ 500

$ T.B.D.

We plan to launch our Silver community in the near future. For our silver community, we will be looking for ambitious people who want to become high-value individuals and can progress to our gold community and maybe even platinum community. We will help our silver members to make this step by giving them lots of opportunities to network with each other both online and offline.  You will have the chance to learn from and possibly work for successful gold and platinum members. More information will be available soon!

The Gold membership will be our first offering. The majority of members are handpicked and are involved in entrepreneurship, fitness, mindset, and a variety of other topics. Imagine the huge network opportunities that will arise when all of these like-minded people are together. We will create valuable content with these inspiring people that will be available only to our future silver members.


As a gold member you can charter one of our Scorpion Yachts with a 10% discount. Depending on the location and season, this will save you between $200 and $500 per charter. In addition, you will have the first year free access to take advantage of our partners' luxurious and exciting services at a reduced rate. 

SYC MC Platinum sent_edited.png


$ T.B.D.

The platinum membership is the most prestigious of the three. This community is only accessible to people who have accomplished significant things. We'll all choose them by hand, and the qualification standards are set high. In the future, we plan to give these members interest over their membership and present them the opportunity to become co-owners of a Scorpion Yacht with set benefits.

Platinum members can also charter one of our Scorpion Yachts with a discount. And receive lifetime access to take advantage of our partners' luxurious and exciting services at a reduced rate. 

Silver Membership
Gold Membership
Platinum Memberships
Access to community
All-member events
Annual interest (soon)
Chance to get whitelisted for NFT collab
Chance to get whitelisted for SYC NFT drops
Charter discount
Exclusive made content
Free Partner Pass for ever
Gold-only events
Guaranteed whitelist spot NFT collab
Guaranteed whitelist spot SYC NFT drops
Invest in business plans in Scorpion Million
Partner Pass one year for free
Present business plan in Scorpion Million
Use our worldwide and local services
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