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As an SYC member, you can enjoy life with other ambitious members while doing exciting and luxurious activities that our worldwide and local partners can provide at reduced rates. You will learn a lot from each other but also from the high-quality courses that can be acquired at special member prices. You can network during one of our many events, chat with others online, and attend our virtual events. You will experience the many benefits of an SYC membership, and these will only increase in the future.

Apply before our launch and get $500 off for your first membership year!

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$1000.00 annual

Limited-edition NFT membership

We will launch a limited-edition NFT membership in the future, but we will start with regular annual memberships. Members can, therefore, first experience the benefits of our club before purchasing an NFT membership that is perpetual. It also allows them to sell their NFT membership on the secondary market. SYC will remain accessible to everyone by continuing to sell annual memberships. By doing it this way, we will become the world's first hybrid Web3 club.

As an SYC member you get 10% off our limited-edition NFT membership!

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Charter discount

All members can charter a Scorpion Yacht, which are located in Miami, New York, Ibiza, Saint-Tropez, Amsterdam and soon Dubai, with a discount of 10%.

Real-life events

We will organize many local events where you can drive supercars, relax on a Scorpion Yacht, enjoy dinner in a luxury restaurant, and much more. The goal of these small events is to get to know other like-minded members, have fun, and create new opportunities.


In addition to these smaller local events, we will also host larger worldwide events in cities such as Amsterdam, Miami, Dubai, and many others. You can network with other members, get inspired by great guest speakers, and end the night with a drink and good music.


Virtual Events

As a member, you can present your business plan at one of our virtual Scorpion Million events and possibly receive investment or find the right people to work with.


We will also host virtual events with a panel of relevant attendees who will discuss various topics and answer members' questions.

Online community

In our community, you will be surrounded on a daily basis by other ambitious people with similar interests. You can chat with each other about different topics, share stories, and ask questions. This will also be a great place to network and share information about yourself and if relevant your business(es). We are establishing a diverse community of (business) people from various sectors.


Exclusive content

We will create inspiring and entertaining content with our members that will be available only to our community. We have partnered with several course creators who made relevant and high-quality courses, which will be available at reduced prices. To provide even more value, we will continue to expand our partnerships with coaches, mentors, course creators, and others.

High-end services

Do you enjoy high-end services such as renting a supercar, villa, yacht, or maybe even a jet? Then our SYC Membership is the ideal solution for you. You will no longer have to search for reliable service providers because you will gain access to our trusted network of partners who provide high-quality, luxurious services at special member rates.

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Priority over Scorpion Yacht co-ownership

Scorpion Yachts is introducing an exclusive co-ownership program that will be limited to several co-owners per yacht, and as an SYC member, you can get priority. Enjoy all of the benefits of owning a Scorpion Yacht without the hassle. It's up to five times more affordable. You can trade your co-ownership on the secondary market, and you can also earn up to 50% of your annual costs!

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Apply before the launch!

Apply before our launch and get $500 off your first year!

We are looking for individuals who can provide value to others in a variety of ways. Please apply if you believe you can contribute to our community.

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