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First Web3 yacht club with virtual and real-life utilities

Scorpion Yacht Club is establishing an exclusive community and this is your chance to join! Gain access to a massive network of like-minded people, attend real-life events and parties, connect with others, and take advantage of limitless opportunities. The club was founded by Scorpion Yachts, which owns an $8 million charter fleet in Miami, Amsterdam, Ibiza, Mallorca, St. Tropez, and soon Dubai. Get exclusive access to our worldwide and local partners who can provide exciting and luxurious services at special member rates.

SYC Membership cards

SYC is all about being successful but also about fun.  You can rent a sports car, a yacht, or even a private jet with special member rates. You can network with high-value members both online and in real life during one of our many events.

SYC offers a physical Membership card first and only then you will get the opportunity to purchase our limited NFT edition. We believe that our members will have to experience the benefits of our community first and after create even more value for our community when we launch our limited NFT ‘s later for a resale, so not for the short term.


Our member cards are designed by the creative Dutch artist, Michiel Molenaar. We will airdrop and launch several other NFTs with well-known artists, and release the SYC book and movie soon.

Apply to get a chance to be whitelisted

The SYC community will be very exclusive with limited availability. We are looking for individuals who can provide value to others in variety of ways. Please apply if you believe you can contribute to our community.


SYC book and movie

SYC is about being successful and having fun. The founder of SYC co-created a book that is about the fun and struggles of life, which will be released in our community in October 2022. We also finished the script for the SYC movie that will be released on VOD in 2024, with influencers playing key roles and our members playing smaller parts. The project will create value for our members by giving them access to world-wide VOD premiere parties and events. SYC is producing relevant content for the long term that our members will benefit from.

The Scorpion Charter Fleet

Scorpion dark_13+.png

This is the Scorpion Yacht 46. We offer yachts from the sizes of 41 up to 52 feet. For more information, check out our Scorpion Yachts website


We keep expanding our partner network to provide high-end and exciting services to our members, even at reduced rates.

Do you often use luxurious and high-end services like renting a supercar, a villa, chartering a yacht, or maybe even a jet? As a SYC member you will be able to use the services of our established partners at a special price.

SYC Roadmap 20222023_edited.jpg

SYC Roadmap

More information on our future plans and how we intend to continue increasing the value for our members can be found in our roadmap.

Meet the team

Dirk Oerlemans, the owner of Scorpion Yachts, founded the Scorpion Yacht Club in

Amsterdam, becoming the first real-world yacht club to offer tokenized memberships.


We established a team of talented individuals, fully committed to making this project

a success by continuing to seek opportunities that are valuable for our community.


Scorpion Yacht Club has a real-world charter fleet of $8 million in the world's most luxurious marinas. We continue to expand our operations to new locations in order to provide even more value to our members.


If you require additional information or want to partner with us, please send an e-mail to

Ontwerp zonder titel (8)_edited.jpg

Dirk Oerlemans

Founder and CEO


Djulan Gémesi

Sales manager / Web designer

WhatsApp Image 2022-07-18 at 7.47_edited.jpg

Nick Rensen

Operational Manager

WhatsApp Image 2022-07-18 at 7.46.25 PM.jpeg

Daniël Verbeek

Community manager

WhatsApp Image 2022-07-17 at 6.55.35 PM.jpeg

Diederik Oerlemans

Social media manager

chielhoofd (1).jpg

Michiel Molenaar


  • What is SYC?
    Scorpion Yachts started the first Web3 community in the world as a yacht builder by launching their exclusive Scorpion Yacht Club. Our mission is to create a worldwide platform with inspiring content, special rates for yacht charters, and having fun by organizing local events.
  • What is the mission of SYC?
    Our mission is to create a platform with inspiring content and have fun by organizing local activities.
  • What are the SYC utilities?
    SYC has real-life utilities like access to worldwide events, organizing local activities like yacht and car events, and offering discounts on our Scorpion Yachts. But also virtual utilities like networking events with like-minded people in our community.
  • What will SYC do with its generated NFT revenues?
    We currently own an $8 million charter fleet operation and want to expand our services. The revenues from our NFT will be reinvested in expanding our charter fleet to other locations to create even more value for our members.
  • What is an hybrid Web3 community?
    It's a community where Web3 and the traditional world meet. In our case, we will sell standard annual memberships, which is the traditional form of membership. However, we will also launch an NFT membership, which is the Web3 form of a membership. In this way, our club will be accessible to everyone.
  • What is an NFT and tokenized membership?
    An NFT can be for art collectors. Our SYC annual- and NFT membership both offer the same utilities like joining offline /online events and special member activities. A tokenized membership uses the technology of a smart contract for your membership. With a Non-Fungible Token or NFT, you own the IP rights of your token in your wallet which is generated within a smart contract on the blockchain and is easy to sell on the secondary market.
  • What is the secondary market?
    Open Sea is, for example, a secondary market where you can buy or sell an NFT.
  • What is Web3?
    When the internet started, it was Web1, only read, and when Social Media started it became Web2, read and write, and when Web3 started it became, read, write and Own. In Web3 you own your data and IP within an NFT, for art and tokenized membership in your wallet which has many advantages.
  • Why annual membership and NFT?
    Our annual membership is a yearly fixed rate, whereas NFTs have an unlimited period and can be volatile depending on the value of the community and crypto markets. Annual memberships can be more expensive in the long term compared to NFT purchases, where you pay once for unlimited years of membership with the option of selling your membership on the secondary market. By offering annual memberships first and after an NFT, you prevent pump and dump buyers which is not good for our community in the long term.
  • Is there a difference between annual and NFT membership?
    No, they both have the same utilities except with an NFT you can do a resale which you can’t do with an annual membership.
  • How long is my NFT membership valid for?
    As long as you are a NFT holder, your membership stays valid.
  • Is there a whitelist?
    Yes, but as an SYC member, you get a guaranteed whitelist spot for the NFT.
  • When will the NFT launch be?
    In 2017 we started Scorpion Yachts and in 2021 the Scorpion Yacht Club, launching an NFT in 2023 as a limited-edition. After the NFT launch, you still can buy the NFT membership on the secondary market or acquire an annual membership to experience our community first.
  • What will be the mint price?
    The price will be revealed closer to the launch.
  • Is there a fee if I sell my NFT?
    There’s a fee of 10% paid by the seller in case of a resale.
  • What is Scorpion Yachts?
    Scorpion Yachts is a yacht builder based in The Netherlands. Our mission is to become the first-ever Yacht builder in the Web3 space.
  • How many yacht charter locations are there?
    Currently, we own several yachts in Ibiza, St. Tropez, Amsterdam, Miami, New York, and soon Dubai.
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