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Why pay $800.000 if you get more for $18.800?

Use one of our yachts more affordably and stress-freely with our Scorpion Yacht membership! It is available for our 40, 46 and 50-ft yachts in the most luxurious marinas in Europe and the United States. You can even earn up to 50% of your annual membership back. It’s the perfect alternative to yacht ownership; enjoy a yacht's luxury and fun without the hassle!

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Scorpion Yacht Club

The first ever yacht company that has fractionalized a yacht into NFTs, Scorpion Yachts, has founded the Scorpion Yacht Club in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Get early access to the world’s first Web3 yacht club by investing in one of our fractionalized Scorpion Yachts and receive significant annual returns over your investment.

We will offer both a regular and an NFT membership for our club in the future.

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Invest in a fraction of a Scorpion Yacht

Want to invest in a yacht, earn great APY and be one of the world's first fractionalized yacht NFT owners? That's possible because Scorpion Yachts has fractionalized one of its yachts into co-ownerships and it is the first ever yacht company to offer them in the form of NFTs!

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"SYC has to become the world's first hybrid Web3 member club, with the focus on creating huge opportunities through networking while having a fun time with other ambitious members." - 
Founder, Dirk Oerlemans


Future yacht club plans

Scorpion Yacht Club will be a place where you can enjoy life with other like-minded people during events and in the online community. The best networking opportunities occur when you connect with and have fun with all of the other ambitious members. We will also establish many worldwide trustworthy partners who provide high-quality services at special member rates.

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What is Scorpion Yacht Club?

Scorpion Yacht Club was founded by Dirk Oerlemans, the owner of Scorpion Yachts which has a charter fleet of $8 million in the world's most luxurious marinas. SYC is all about being and becoming even more successful and how to enjoy your successes.



Frequently asked questions

Below you can find many question and answer about the NFT-ownership, Scorpion Yacht Club and Scorpion Yachts. If you still have any questions, please contact us via the button below!

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